The Perfect Gift

Lexi and Luca The Gift Store is a curation of all our favourite gifts we received when our little ones were born. We found these gifts to be an age-appropriate, safe and fun way to fill those ever extending wake windows with joy and baby giggles. Lexi and Luca both loved them and we hope you do too 🤍.

How We Started

As a first time mom in early 2021, I was blessed to be surrounded by good friends who were also having their first babies. It was the height of the Covid pandemic and the only way to show love and care for a new struggling mom was to call, text, or send something over! But baby gifts were often expensive for what you got, and typically limited to onesies, swaddles or plushies. Being in lockdown also meant that we hardly brought Lexi out, but didn’t have the right tools or toys to engage her in age-appropriate play at home.

Lexi and Luca The Gift Store is meant to be the missing piece in the baby gifting space, giving you the option to customise and curate bundles that babies and parents will love for being developmentally appropriate, while also being easy on the wallet, and of course maintaining the safety and quality that is so important in baby play.The store was built with baby play and functionality in mind, and we hope you have fun building and curating the perfect bundle for your loved ones!

With love,

Jocelyn, mama of Lexi and Luca